Just when we were all wondering where Cecilia Dapaah, a minister of state got these huge sums of physical cash sleeping under her bed, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for Cape Coast South Constituency, Hon. Kweku Ricketts- Hagan has finally revealed the source of the money.

The NDC MP speaking on TV3 noted that people should stop defending the former minister with the excuse that the money belongs to her late brother or it was gotten from her husband’s companies. According to him, the source of these millions is illegal.

“We should stop this kind of spin and supporting things that are not defensible. We can’t defend it. This money is an ill-gotten wealth and that’s why it didn’t get to the bank.”

“It is so suspicious. She couldn’t go to the bank obviously because questions will be asked as to why she is putting in such money especially if the money was not obtained the right way. Then she decides to keep it at home and now house helps are now flooding the foreign exchange market because of the money they have taken from people like Madam Dapaah’s house” he categorically stated.

On any other day, he can say it on authority and from his experience in government, no minister of state can make that amount of money genuinely unless through illegal ways which he believes is not different from Cecilia Dapaah’s case. Especially when the money was just sitting in her bedroom instead of the bank.

“It is sickening and it doesn’t look well on us politicians. It was not right for a minister of state to have that much cash, sitting in her house. It is simply unacceptable”.

By Aban

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