In a shocking turn of events, NDC journalist Kelvin Taylor has made serious allegations against the government and the Bank of Ghana, claiming that the central bank plans to illegally print 55. 2 billion cedis in November 2023. According to Taylor, this move is allegedly aimed at buying votes for the upcoming 2024 elections in favour of the ruling NPP party.

Political parties, particularly the NPP and NDC in Ghana, face the challenge of financing their campaigns during election years. Both parties rely on a combination of fundraising efforts, donations from supporters, and contributions from party members to fund their electioneering activities. Additionally, they may receive financial support from businesses and interest groups aligned with their policies.

However, Kelvin Taylor has alleged that NPP is planning on financing its campaign with monies printed by the Bank of Ghana. “The Bank of Ghana will yet again print 55. 2 billion cedis illegally in November 2023. It is what the NPP intends to use to buy votes for the election of 2024. Expect Details Next Week! ” he said.

In the coming days, the media, civil society, and opposition parties will undoubtedly scrutinize these allegations closely. The credibility of the NPP’s electoral campaign could be significantly impacted if these allegations are found to be true. Conversely, if proven baseless, it could raise questions about the motivations behind Taylor’s claims.

Ultimately, the truth must prevail, and any illegal actions concerning the printing of currency must be addressed swiftly and decisively. The Bank of Ghana and the government have a duty to uphold the sanctity of the nation’s financial system and democratic principles. It is hoped that the details expected next week will shed light on the matter, allowing the nation to proceed with the necessary actions to safeguard its economic and political stability.

By Aban

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