In a dramatic turn of events, the housemaid of Former Sanitation Minister, Cecilia Dapaah, has spoken out again, this time through a leaked tape, shedding new light on the controversial allegations of theft and corruption.

The saga began when Cecilia Dapaah and her husband took legal action against the housemaid, accusing her of stealing an astounding sum of US$1 million, €300, 000, and GH¢350, 000, along with other valuable items including GH¢95, 000 worth of clothes, US$35, 000 handbags, US$1, 400 assorted perfumes, US$95, 000 worth of assorted jewelry, and GH¢95, 000 worth of assorted Kente fabrics.

However, the latest revelation from the housemaid, identified only as “Sarah” in the leaked tape, has raised eyebrows and sparked nationwide discussions. In the audio recording, Sarah claims that despite being arrested by the police, she had already returned all the alleged stolen items to Former Minister Dapaah even before law enforcement became involved.

According to Sarah’ s voice in the leaked tape, she asserts that she personally handed over a staggering total of $1. 8 million in cash, as well as the house she had allegedly purchased with the looted funds. This shocking revelation contradicts the initial allegations brought against her by the Minister and her husband, raising questions about the legitimacy of the charges and the motives behind the legal action.

“On Tuesday, the woman called me and my guy to come to her house. So when we went to the house, as for me, I know that we are going to beg her, because, you said that your money and I have come to put your money down. And I was in the cells for about 2 weeks, and they took me to court. When they took me to court and court also gave me remand two weeks. I was in remand [for] about one month, before the court discharged the case, and they took me to another court. ‘ she said.

By Aban

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