Singapore Management University (SMU) Scholarships

Singapore Management University (SMU) offers various scholarships and financial aid programs to support both local and international students pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies. These scholarships aim to attract and retain top talent, recognize academic excellence, and provide opportunities for students with financial need.

Here are some of the key scholarship programs offered by Singapore Management University (SMU):

  1. Undergraduate Scholarships: SMU offers a range of undergraduate scholarships for outstanding freshmen entering full-time undergraduate programs. These scholarships may cover tuition fees, living allowances, and other expenses. Examples include:
    • SMU President’s Scholars Programme
    • SMU Merit Scholarships
    • SMU Global Impact Scholarships
  2. Financial Aid and Bursaries: SMU provides financial aid and bursaries to eligible students with demonstrated financial need. These programs aim to assist students in meeting the costs of their education and ensuring equal access to educational opportunities. Financial aid may include grants, loans, and work-study opportunities.
  3. Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme: The Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme is a prestigious scholarship program offered by SMU in collaboration with the Lee Foundation. It provides full financial support, including tuition fees, living expenses, overseas exchange programs, and other enrichment activities, to outstanding undergraduates.
  4. Postgraduate Scholarships: SMU offers scholarships and financial support to eligible students pursuing postgraduate studies, including master’s and doctoral programs. These scholarships may cover tuition fees, living allowances, research expenses, and conference travel grants. Examples include:
    • SMU PhD Scholarships
    • SMU MBA Scholarships
    • SMU LLM Scholarships
  5. External Scholarships and Awards: SMU students may also apply for external scholarships and awards offered by government agencies, corporate sponsors, foundations, and other organizations. These scholarships may be open to students of specific nationalities, academic disciplines, or areas of study.
  6. Merit-based and Need-based Scholarships: SMU offers both merit-based scholarships, which recognize academic excellence and leadership potential, and need-based scholarships, which provide financial assistance to students with demonstrated financial need. Some scholarships may combine both merit and need-based criteria.
  7. Application Process: Eligible students may apply for SMU scholarships and financial aid programs through the university’s online application portal or designated application channels. The application process typically requires submission of academic transcripts, personal statements, recommendation letters, and other required documents.

Overall, SMU scholarships and financial aid programs play a crucial role in supporting students’ academic pursuits, promoting diversity and inclusion, and empowering talented individuals to achieve their full potential. Prospective students are encouraged to explore the available scholarship opportunities and apply for those that best match their qualifications and aspirations.

SMU Overseas Postgraduate Scholarships (OPS) in Singapore, 2019

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