Koku Anyidoho has said that he will tell the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) that former President John Mahama stole money that was meant to build the Atta-Mills Presidential Library.

On the Wontumi Morning Show, the founder of the Atta- Mills Institute and former deputy general secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said that former President Mahama’s government lied to him and took money that was meant for the project.

“When we went to meetings, they would tell us not to worry and that the project had enough money. We even turned against each other because we asked about the money for the project. But the ” don’t worry” answers they gave us when we asked where the money was an evil plan, Mr Anyidoho said with sadness.

He praised President Akufo- Addo’s government for getting things back on track and keeping the project from going to waste. He said that the government of President Akufo- Addo hired a contractor to work on the Atta-Mills Presidential Library out of kindness. This was done through the Ghana Tourism Authority.

He said that former President John Mahama was to blame for the fact that the Atta-Mills Presidential Library was falling apart before President Akufo- Addo chose to do something about it.

” After 7 years of decay, the government is fixing it up with money from other taxpayers. So where did the first money come from that my group got? Where are the dollars? I will go to EOCO and make an official complaint. I will ask EOCO to look into it, ” he said.

He told people in the NDC not to say that he doesn’t like Mr John Mahama.

” They should tell me again that I hate Mahama and that’s why I did what I did. Did Mahama make the world or name you when you were born? Did Mahama pay my school fees when my folks paid them? So just because I joined a party and its head is named Mahama, I should give him my soul and honour? He said, ” Tofiakwa! “We can't allow any failed leader to rule us again, 'Torfiakwa!' — Koku  Anyidoho jabs Mahama again

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