Johnson Asiedu Nketia, who is the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), the biggest opposition party, praised Stephen Ntim for saying sorry to Despite Media.

Thursday, the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) went to see the management of Despite Media to say sorry for the thugs who broke in during a live UTV show.

Stephen Ntim said on Peace FM’ s ” Kokrokoo” morning show on Thursday before his meeting with Management that the NPP does not support violence.

” This is not how the NPP is. . . this is not our tradition, so we render an unreserved apology to the management of Despite media, Dr Osei Kwame Despite, and the entire nation” .

He also said, ” You know me, I’ ve been irritated more than once, but I never reacted; I always kept my cool. That’ s the kind of behaviour I want to see in all party members, from the National to the polling station level. ” When we talk about politics, I want everyone to be calm.

Going forward, he said, ” You can be sure that this won’ t happen again. Even if there’ s anger, there will be self- control. ” On the inside, we’ re taking steps to make sure this doesn’ t happen again here (despite the media) or anywhere else.

” Let the law do its job, and we’ re ready to help the police with their investigations, ” he said.

Stephen Ntim’ s move was praised by Asiedu Nketiah, better known as General Mosquito, who said it was ” the mature way to go. ”

” He has shown that he has grown up by doing this precisely what he was told to do. . . ” Not everyone will be brave enough to do this. Still, I don’ t think that saying sorry will make everyone in the NPP happy.

” As he said, he should make sure it doesn’ t happen again. The Constitution doesn’ t let us tell the media what to write. ”

He said on the Me Man Nti show on Neat FM, ” What he’ s done is a step in the right direction, and I believe if it continues, democracy will change for the better. “

By Aban

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