For the past few months Cecilia Dapaah has been engaging the Special Prosecutor in a legal battle over her properties. What started as simple case has eventually turned into a major issue that has grabbed the attention of many Ghanaians. The whole issue started when Cecilia Dapaah, who was then a minister put her house help and other accomplishes on trial for theft. The Ghanaian Chronicle newspaper later raised issues about the source of the money that Cecilia was saying had been stolen.

The Special Prosecutor took up the case for investigation. Over the past few weeks, the Special Prosecutor had frozen and unfrozen the account of the former minister of Sanitation and Water Resources. News coming in this week has it that Kissi Agyebeng, the Special Prosecutor has sued the former minister again for failing to declare her source of income.

One of the biggest critics of Cecilia Dapaah aside the Special Prosecutor is Martin Kpebu. Martin Kpebu, a private legal practitioner has slammed the former minister for hiding her source of wealth. He has actively backed the Special Prosecutor to investigate and if possible, prosecute Cecilia Dapaah. It was all drama in court as the two clashed on Wednesday.

Martin was due to represent his client in court while Cecilia Dapaah was also scheduled to have a ruling on the freezing of her accounts. In a blockbuster meeting, Cecilia Dapaah lambasted Martin Kpebu for criticizing her without having the full facts. She questioned why the lawyer was bent on bringing her down. In response Martin noted that he has been following the case closely and everything he does is borne out of the facts that are before him.

Cecilia Dapaah is also seeking the court to stop the Special Prosecutor from further investigating her. She wants the investigations to end. Kissi Agyebeng however has also reiterated that he is ready to go all the way to see that the source of the wealth of Cecilia Dapaah is unraveled.

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