Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia in the November 4 Presidential Primary has been denied support by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) chapter in the United Kingdom (UK), according to sources.

According to a press release from the branch on Tuesday, October 10, ” The NPP UK Branch has not made an official declaration in support of any presidential candidate for the upcoming primaries. ”

The statement, which was signed by Branch Secretary Otuo Acheampong, further stated that ” the purported publication in question is a complete fabrication, intended to mislead the public and sow confusion and disunity within our Party. ”

It emphasized that there had not been any type of meeting instructing or authorizing the Branch to release a communique endorsing any candidate and claimed that the branch’ s previous letterhead had been forged and dishonestly used to deceive the public.

It describes how Dr. Bawumia met delegates from the external branches at his campaign office on the eve of the August 26 Special Delegates Conference, just like every other candidate.

It stated that the Vice President would be attending the conference to present his vision to the participants.

According to the Branch, each of its 12 representatives voting on November 4 will ” individually cast their votes in secrecy and wholeheartedly support whoever ultimately becomes the Party’ s flagbearer. ”

Therefore, it stated that the ” unfounded allegations claiming that NPP UK Branch has declared for Dr. Bawumia and urge everyone to disregard the publication” are false.

The NPP UK branch leadership attended a meeting behind closed doors on August 25, 2023, in Accra, Ghana, where a pronouncement was made regarding the special electoral college.

The branch party officials announced their unanimity in favor of Bawumia’ s candidacy under the direction of chairman Kingsley Adumattah Agyapong.

Agyapong stressed the significance of continuity in the party’ s development plans and said, ” We believe the vice president, amongst all other candidates, is the one who can lead the NPP to retain power and break the eight- year cyclical change of governance. ”

Following thorough evaluations of each candidate and consultations with the UK general membership, the decision to support Bawumia was made.

By Aban

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