Yesterday news broke out that the Office of the Special Prosecutor has in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigations initiated certain investigative processes against Cecilia Dapaah. The former Sanitation and Water Resources minister has come under so much backlash after mind- boggling revelations were made about her wealth. Much of her wealth were unaccounted for and this caused the Office of the Special Prosecutor to take up her case.

Earlier this week, Cecilia Dapaah and her associates filed a new writ calling on the court to command Kissi Agyebeng, the Special Prosecutor from further investigating her. This came as a surprise to many because some thought that the interest of the former minister should have been fighting her case and defending her reputation. Instead, the minister wants the court to stop the Special Prosecutor from continuing investigations against her.

Well, the dynamics will now change per the collaboration between the Office of the Special Prosecutor and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. It is no secret that Kiss Agyebeng preempted that the courts in Ghana could go against him or that Cecilia will try to bring up something to stop him. The collaboration with the FBI now means that the court might have no choice than to ignore that writ.

Ghana is bound by international law to aid and join forces with other nations when it comes to certain wide range investigations. This means that with this new partnership, the FBI and Special Prosecutor will enhance their investigations and ensure that they reach the logical conclusion of the matter.

Kissi Agyebeng has come under so much criticism for choosing to investigate Cecilia Dapaah. Government communicators have lambasted him for ignoring other cases and choosing to prosecute a government official. Most of the court verdicts have also gone against the Special Prosecutor. The partnership with the FBI will ensure that the courts will now not have to just deal with the Office of the Special Prosecutor, but now the FBI as well.

By Aban

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