Despite the existence of vibrant media channels, many have complained that culture of silence is the order of the day in Ghana under the New Patriotic Party, NPP administration led by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo and Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

This is true in the sense that some people who were actively involved correcting the previous government led by John Dramani Mahama have all gone missing, a situation that is casting doubt about their true statesmenship.

Since the New Patriotic Party, NPP formed their first government in 2017, some men of God who were very vocal during the National Democratic Congress, NDC John Mahama led administration have suddenly gone mute under Nana Addo despite the fact that things have gone worse now than they were previously.

Pastors used to criticise Mahama on national issues, especially on the erratic power crisis, popularly known as ‘ dumsor’ , and corruption.

However, most of these men of God haven’ t been so vocal under the Akufo- Addo government despite Ghana’ s current bad economic situation. Their silence is making Ghanaians think otherwise for them.

For instance, Dr. Nyaho- Nyaho Tamakloe, a founding member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, NPP who is also a key member of the Ghana Today Coalition, has called on citizens to speak truth to power during a stirring press conference held at the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) Headquarters in Accra.

Despite his affiliation with the current government, the prominent and political figure questioned why important individuals and organisations in the country were silent.

Dr. Tamakloe expressed concern about the current state of Ghana and the apparent absence of individuals who had once spoken truth to power.

Individuals who constantly spoke truth to power some years ago to emerge from the self imposed excise to speak to the government we have now. Where are the Otabil’ s, Duncan Williams, Rev. Martey and, Dag- Heward Mills and the many civil society organizations and critical journalists, ” he bemoaned.

” We need to speak truth to power to help maintain the peace we have in this country. Anything to go by the tenets of our wavering democratic principles would turn this country upside down, ” Dr. Tamakloe emphasized.

Dr. Tamakloe further stressed the importance of making government appointees more accountable to voters. He pointed out the Electoral Commission of Ghana’ s role in overseeing public elections and referenda since its establishment in 1992.

However, he expressed concerns about the recent performance of the Electoral Commission, which has led to doubts about the credibility of Ghana’ s electoral processes.

It is on this note we have listed four of those men of God who were supposed to be highly vocal and this government but have seemingly gone missing.

Mensah Otabil

A popular pastor who is the head of the International Central Gospel Church, Pastor Mensa Otabil was a known critic of the National Democratic Congress, NDC John Dramani Mahama government. However, he has since gone missing and so has been accused of being in bed with the NPP.

In 2014, Otabil said Mahama will only win the 2016 elections if he changes and takes responsibility for his actions, advising the NDC leader to fight against corruption ‘ from his own house’ and stop attacking his political opponents.

Leadership is a difficult task…it is hard, tough and lonely but it comes with a choice. This choice comes with responsibility. The President must start fighting corruption from his own house. You don’ t start it attacking your enemies, ” Otabil told Mahama.

But right after the NPP formed government in 2017, the outspoken man of God has suddenly gone from missing commenting on national issues and the ills happening in the country.

Rev Prof. Martey

Prof. Emmanuel Martey was another known critic of President John Dramani Mahama’ s government and is noted for his famous call for people of vision and wisdom to lead the country. ” NyansafoƆ mo wƆ hen? ” he was at the time known widely for making that statement his daily topic.

Prof. Martey was one of the top pastors in the country who fought against corruption in the National Democratic Congress, NDC John Mahama administration.

His complete silence, years after the NPP formed government has casted doubts about his vision for Ghana. Many believe he’ s in bed with the NPP. However, Prof Martey when asked why he was silent said he still speaks on national issues, but only through text messages.

According to him, he doesn’ t speak anymore against the national issue but instead, he writes everything that has to come out for the public to know. Martey said he still speaks on national issues, but only through text messages.

Rev. Prof Martey is still speaking but has changed the style. Those I need to communicate with them I communicate. Sometimes through text messages and a lot of things have happened because of my intervention. So I’ m still speaking, ” he argued.

Duncan Williams

Leader of the Action Chapel International, Nicholas Duncan Williams though a staunch advocate for development, Ghanaians are worried about his complete silence when he could speak truth to matters that are not going as expected.

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