The Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, has reacted to the second lady, Samira Bawumia’s “look sharp, ignore bitter, angry candidates” comment.

Speaking in an interview shared on social media on Saturday, October 21, 2023, Kennedy Agyapong, a flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), indicated that he is not perturbed by the comments made by the second lady.

He, however, said that what he is worried about is the silence of the leadership of the NPP on the comments the wife of Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia made.

He added if he was the one who made such a comment, the party would have definitely taken action against him.

“… the second lady is in the Ashanti Region, all the things she has said about me, the party has not heard anything.

“They are saying my name was not mentioned. So, can I also go and say what I know without mentioning names? That one they would know who Kennedy Agyapong is referring to,” he said.

The presidential hopeful added, “That is unfairness but I have decided not to respond… I leave it to their fate”.

What Samira Bawumia said:

Second Lady Samira Bawumia warned delegates of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) against the potential consequences of landing into opposition.

In a recent address to some party faithful, she urged them to remain cohesive and focused on retaining power in the 2024 election.

Even though GhanaWeb cannot verify when the said video was filmed, it started circulating on social media platforms on October 18, 2023.

“The election we are heading towards is one that is consequential for the party, so we do not want to make a mistake, we need to show a united front, so all of us should stand in a direction where we can get the power,” she said.

The Second Lady expressed her concerns about some candidates who, in her view, are pushing the party towards the opposition.

She urged party members to be cautious and not follow those candidates she described as “bitter and angry.”

Addressing the said candidates, she stated, “And those going around campaigning with bitterness and anger, claiming we should go into opposition, do we support that?

“He is saying they have taken you for a fool and you haven’t gotten benefits, but let me ask you? If you go into opposition would you get anything? If you go into opposition, do you have a minister that you can go to and ask for something? If you go into opposition, do you have a DCE that you can ask something?” she asked.

She suggested that those candidates seemed content, implying that they and their families are satisfied, while the rest of the party faithful would bear the brunt of opposition.

“Maybe he is satisfied, the wife is satisfied, his children are all satisfied, and he doesn’t have any worries, when he drags us into opposition, he is okay so we have to look sharp? Or is that not so? We should look sharp.”

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