In a trending Video on all social media platforms, Ghanaian musician Pappy Kojo was seen performing on stage at an event over the weekend. He was performing for mostly the youth who were jamming to his songs while enjoying the show. Toward the end of the performance, Pappy Kojo did the unthinkable.

Before dropping the microphone, the musician said something in the local dialect, he said: ‘ Yvonne Nelson ne tw3’ . This roughly translates to ‘ Yvonne Nelson’s v@gina’ . As soon as he said this, the crowd went wild in surprise because they never expected such disrespect from Pappy Kojo because she was his ex- girlfriend.

A lot of people are not happy that the musician went that far to speak in such a manner about someone he once shared a romantic relationship with. Some Netizens also reasoned that Pappy Kojo might still be angry that Yvonne Nelson left him for their mutual friend Joey B.

Others also want to know if there is anything beyond what people are already aware of which is the relationship problem. Because according to them, the insults and constant attacks on Yvonne are becoming too much. People think there is more to the beef than the general public knows.

Recall that Yvonne Nelson released a book about herself recently titled ‘ I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ , one of the interesting parts of the book was the abortion story which involves Yvonne and Sarkodie. In response to the book, Sarkodie replied with a Diss Song against the actress and producer.

The song became a big issue because Ghanaians feel the rapper went too far with his insults on Yvonne. However, some people enjoy the diss song against the actress, one of them is Pappy Kojo. He even did several Tiktok videos using the song to make Yvonne Nelson angry.

What do you think of Pappy Kojo’s action against Yvonne Nelson in public? Referring to her private body parts is below the belt says some Netizens. Let me know what you think in the comment section and do share. Don’ t forget to send me a DM for more interaction about this article or any vital information.

By Aban

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