In a recent turn of events, Ivanna Bay, the alleged French sidechick of popular Afrobeat artist Davido, has come forward to share her side of the story regarding her alleged relationship and pregnancy with the musician. The revelation adds a new layer to the ongoing controversy surrounding Davido’ s personal life.

Earlier this year, two women, Ivanna Bay and Anita Brown, made headlines by claiming to be pregnant with Davido’ s child. While Ivanna Bay had initially remained relatively quiet about the matter, she has now chosen to break her silence, shedding light on the details of her relationship with the superstar.

In a series of updates on her Instagram story, Ivanna Bay revealed that she was placed in a critical medical condition that raised concerns about the well- being of her pregnancy.

She disclosed that doctors had informed her of the possibility of a miscarriage, which prompted her to speak out about her experiences.

In a video that surfaced online, Ivanna Bay expressed regret over her alleged involvement with Davido. She candidly shared that getting pregnant by the artist was a ” big mistake, ” as it was clear that Davido did not want the pregnancy to proceed. Ivanna Bay’ s emotional address revealed her disappointment in herself for allowing the situation to unfold and for allegedly being taken advantage of by the musician.

” I allowed myself to be used by Davido, ” Ivanna Bay stated in the video. She further emphasized that no woman should be subjected to the treatment that she claims to have endured during her alleged relationship with the artist.

As news of Ivanna Bay’ s revelations spreads, it has ignited discussions among fans, social media users, and entertainment enthusiasts alike.

The controversy has once again brought the spotlight onto the complexities of celebrity relationships and the challenges that can arise when personal matters become public fodder.

Davido, who has been a prominent figure in the Afrobeat music scene, has not yet issued a statement addressing Ivanna Bay’ s claims. However, the revelation has undoubtedly generated a significant amount of attention, and fans are eagerly awaiting any response from the artist.

As the story continues to develop, many are left wondering about the potential impact on Davido’ s reputation and the implications for his personal life and career. Ivanna Bay’ s decision to share her perspective sheds light on the often- private aspects of celebrity relationships and raises questions about the dynamics of power and consent in such situations.Ivanna Bay- Davido Forced Me To Sign A Confidential Agreement

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