Ghanaian dancehall star, Shatta Wale, has found himself allegedly tagged in a fraud case involving his best friend, Hajia4Real.

Shatta Wale Allegedly Tagged In Fraud Case Involving Best Friend Hajia4Real

The incident unfolded after Shatta Wale traveled to London to perform at the Ghana Music Awards UK. However, shortly after the event, he reportedly hurriedly returned to Ghana, purportedly due to rumors that officials were looking for him in connection with the Hajia4Real fraud case.

Recent court proceedings have shed light on Hajia4Real’ s alleged involvement in fraudulent activities. According to IG Blogger, @westafrican_celebs, five out of the six victims appeared in court with evidence that Hajia4Real scammed them. The mounting evidence against her suggests that she may face severe consequences, including the possibility of spending several years in jail and being barred from returning to Ghana for an extended period.

These developments have sent shockwaves through the Ghanaian entertainment industry and have left Shatta Wale entangled in the unfolding legal drama. As the details of the fraud case continue to unfold, the repercussions for both Shatta Wale and Hajia4Real remain uncertain.

Shatta Wale’ s Departure From Ghana Music Awards UK Sparks Speculation Amidst Fraud Case Allegations

Shatta Wale, known for his vibrant stage performances and energetic presence, had been eagerly anticipated at the Ghana Music Awards UK. His departure from London shortly after the event raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about his involvement in the ongoing fraud case.

The case involving Hajia4Real has taken a toll on her mental and emotional well- being. Reports emerged that she had attempted to take her own life following the recent court proceedings, which revealed the extent of the alleged scamming activities. The mounting evidence against her has left her with little room for maneuvering, increasing the likelihood of a lengthy jail sentence.

While Shatta Wale has not been officially implicated in the fraud case, his alleged connection to Hajia4Real has drawn attention and speculation. As a prominent figure in the Ghanaian music industry, his association with Hajia4Real raises questions about his knowledge or involvement in the alleged fraudulent activities.

Ghana Awaits Updates On Shatta Wale And Hajia4Real As Legal Proceedings Unfold

As the legal proceedings continue, the Ghanaian public awaits further updates on the case and its implications for both Shatta Wale and Hajia4Real. The alleged involvement of a celebrated artist and his close friendship with the accused socialite have added an unexpected twist to a case that has already captivated the nation.

The impact of these allegations on Shatta Wale’ s reputation and career remains to be seen. As fans and industry insiders closely monitor the situation, the future of both Shatta Wale and Hajia4Real hangs in the balance, with potential legal consequences looming over them.

In the coming weeks and months, the public will undoubtedly follow the progression of the fraud case and its aftermath. The outcome of the legal proceedings will not only shape the lives of those involved but also serve as a cautionary tale about the consequences of fraudulent activities within the entertainment industry.

As the legal process unfolds, it is crucial to remember that these are allegations and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. The true extent of Shatta Wale’ s involvement, if any, and the ultimate fate of Hajia4Real will be determined by the court proceedings, evidence presented, and the application of the law.

For now, Ghanaians await further updates on this unfolding saga, hoping for justice to prevail and for the truth to come to light.


Ghanaian Songstress Hajia4Real Charged For $2 Million Romance Fraud

Accra, May 15, GNA- The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York has announced a six- count charge against Mona Faiz Montrage, popularly known in the Ghanaian entertainment industry as ” Hajia4Real”

The Ghanaian female songstress has been arraigned before the U. S. District Court, where she is expected to answer for her role in a series of romance schemes and money laundering. The case would be presided over by District Judge Paul A. Crotty

A statement from U. S. Attorney Damain Williams said: ” As alleged, Mona Faiz Montrage was a member of a criminal conspiracy that specifically targeted Americans through romance scams.

” These scams can be both financially and emotionally devastating for vulnerable victims. Thanks to the efforts of our law enforcement partners, Montrage was arrested abroad and has been brought to the United States to face justice”

Michael J. Driscoll, FBI Assistant Director, added in the statement: ” We alleged today that Ms: Montrage participated in multiple romance scams- often targeting elderly victims- resulting in more than $2 million in fraudulent funds under her control. Romance scams- especially those that target older individuals are of major concern. The FBI will be tireless in our efforts to hold fraudsters accountable in the criminal justice system” .

The statement further alleged that Hajia4Real was a member of a criminal enterprise that operated from 2013 through 2019 and committed a series of frauds against Individuals and businesses.

In November 2022, Hajia4Real was arrested in the United Kingdom and extradited to the USA in May 2023 for the alleged fraud.

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