Recently, rapper and musician Mohammed Ismail Sherif of Ghana, better known by his stage name Black Sherif, praised singer Yemi Alade on social media. Yemi Alade is also a colleague in the music industry.

First sermon, released in May 2021, and Second sermon, released in July, marked Black Sherif’s ascent to fame and popularity which made a lot of people got to know him from all part of the world.

The Ghanaian musician sent a heartfelt letter on Twitter about how he used to adore singer Yemi Alade, who he describes as his celebrity crush. He was amazed when she sees Yemi Alade making the trends and producing hit songs.

He goes on to say that the singer was attractive and a catch at the time. He claimed that Yemi Alade was fearless and that her songs were taking the music business by storm.

Many individuals on social media don’t seem startled by this, as they are aware of what Black Sherif is discussing. Many male musicians thought they could have Yemi Alade all to themselves because she’ s a lovely and attractive woman in the music business. When people began to know and enjoy her tunes, she actually made hit songs a while back.

He continued, ” I remember when Yemi Alade was my celebrity crush, she was so hot and dominating the trend back then” .

As of right moment, we think she is married. Black Sherif hasn’t exactly been fortunate, since her romantic interest has already tied the knot with someone else.

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