The news going around currently reveals that the marriage of the famous Ghanaian actress Nana Ama Mcbrown and Maxwell Mawusi Mensah has finally hit the rock. Without wasting much time let’ s check out the cobra trying to snatch Maxwell Mawusi Mensah from Empress Nana Ama Mcbrown.

The lady in question goes by the name Serwaa Prikle. She is a model and a social media influencer. Without a doubt, Serwaa is very beautiful and heavily endowed. It is undeniable that she is the woman of every man’ s dream.

Apparently, the news surrounding Maxwell Mawusi Mensah and Serwaa’ s relationship began during the wedding of Serwaa’ s ex- boyfriend. Unfortunately, the ex- boyfriend of Serwaa was massively backlashed for dumping her for another woman after an unknown woman came out to expose him for not being fair to Serwaa.

Nana Ama McBrown's husband was sleeping with you - Man alleges as he  exposes his ex-girlfriend - GhPage

Surprisingly, the story changed when the ex- boyfriend of Serwaa came out to reveal the reason why he dumped her for another woman. According to Ohene Phara, the ex- boyfriend of Serwaa, he dumped her because she was cheating on him with multiple men including the husband of Nana Ama Mcbrown.

” I see you want drama but my dear if I start we both won’ t enter Ghana. I’ ve been quiet for 7yrs and never altered a word. You’ re paying bloggers to spread fake rumors. But you and I know that’ s not the truth. You’ re in Accra fucking people’ s husbands yet you want me to marry you. Upon All the shit you ve put

me through in my life I never disgraced you but I see you wana ruin my day. I’ ve been quiet for the sake of the love I have for our daughter. ”

Maame Serwaa hints at dropping deep secrets about his alleged affair with  Mcbrown's hubby - GhPage

You know I don’ t like drama. This is just a warning to you. Try me and I will reveal to the whole Ghana such a whole you are. Today you want marriage? 7? All my friends and family are ready for you. Just start it and let’ s see. @selthebomb

I love my daughter so much so I don’ t wana go far. You’ re busy paying bloggers yet you’ re busily fucking Nana Ama Mcbrowns husband and etc. oo should I continue with the rest? ”

” Girl don’ t start drama else you will close the same shop I opened for you and stop the fucking Range Rover I bought for you. You know I have you in my palms so don’ t try. You’ ve cheated on me all my life and you want marriage? 7 Girl don’ t try okay. You dieer bring it on. And let’ s wash out dirty stuffs and see who will suffer the most. My only worry is the adorable daughter I have with you, ” Ohene Phara disclosed.

Just when Ghanaians thought it was just a cover- up, news broke revealing how hard Serwaa is trying to snatch Maxwell from Nana Ama Mcbrown.

Ghanaians react as Mcbrown's husband gets accused of chopping Maame Serwaa  - GhPage

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