The founder and leader of Perez Chapel International Archbishop Charles Agyinasare shades Nogokpo Chiefs after their 14-day ultimatum.

A few months ago, Nogokpo chiefs gave the famous man of God Archbishop Charles Agyinasare a 14-day ultimatum to appear before them. This came after the man of God took to his church premises to tag Nogokpo as the demonic headquarters of the Volta Region.

Unfortunately, the people of Nogokpo didn’t like the tag and asked the man of God Archbishop Charles Agyinasare to come and apologize but he refused. The man of God Archbishop Charles Agyinasare came out to defend himself.

This angered the Nogokpo Chiefs and they released a press statement. In a couple of videos, the chiefs of Nogokpo performed a public ritual, pouring libations against him and asserting their control over cosmic powers. The incident received widespread attention on TV and social media.

In response, Archbishop Agyinasare addressed his congregants, emphasizing his steadfast faith and belief in God’s protection. He recounted the incident, stating that despite the chiefs’ prediction of his demise within 14 days, he remained alive and well after 60 days. He saw this as a testament to the strength of his faith and his status as a child of God.

He expressed his willingness to stand up against challenges, explaining that he thrived on facing difficulties as he considered himself a warrior for God’s kingdom. He drew inspiration from the biblical story of John the Baptist and the principle that the kingdom of God encounters resistance but is ultimately victorious.

The Archbishop remained firm in his convictions, stating that he wouldn’t let the devil take away what rightfully belonged to him. While he recognized the chiefs’ demands, he firmly asserted his decision not to meet them, while also accepting any consequences that might arise from this choice.

Archbishop Agyinasare’ s message conveyed his unyielding faith, determination, and confidence in the face of adversity. He used the incident to illustrate that his faith and God’s protection were stronger than any challenge or prediction.

By Aban

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