Celebrities get called out over things they do in public that attracts the attention of Netizens, especially when it has to do with negative things that can affect their lives. No matter how cautious they might be out there, online moral police are always on the lookout for any slightest opportunity to call them out over one thing or the other.

During the weekend, Ghanaian actress, model, slay queen, and influencer, Hajia Bintu opened her new business to the general public. A lot of prominent people and Ghanaian bloggers graced the occasion to capture the moment. Hajia has been in the industry for a while and this is a good move on her side trying to build a business for herself.

Her new business is a state of the art hair salon that has other features attached to the inside like a nail salon, etc. During the opening ceremony, her mum was captured in a video praying for her as seen on the Ghhyper blog. While her mother was praying for the success of her business, Hajia was busy pressing her phone with eyes wide open. She so had some kind of attitude going on with her facial expression too.

Some of her friends and guest also were caught doing the same. This singular act has earned her a backlash up to this moment. According to angry Ghanaian Netizens who commented on the video, it was disrespectful of Hajia to be pressing her phone with her eyes open while her mum was blessing her business.

By Aban

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