The founder of Resurrection Power New Generation Church, Rev. Anthony Kwadwo Boakye, is currently receiving his last rites.

His burial demonstrated that the man of God had a decent life and influenced many people both within and outside of the country. Having a large number of people attend your funeral rites says a lot.

It represents the love he manifested when he was here on earth. People sobbed together in prayer that the Lord Almighty preserve his soul because they thought he had lived a very fulfilling life.

The church, his family, and loved ones from Ghana and other nations have gathered at the funeral grounds to pay their final respects to the man of God.

In a video posted online, the late Rev. Anthony Kwadwo Boakye is seen being buried as mourners pass by.

Reports state that his wife, Mrs Margret Boakye, and her children did not show up for the funeral.

According to rumours, Mrs Margret Boakye, also known as Obaa Yaa Asantewaa, the wife of Rev. Anthony Boakye, secured a court order preventing the removal of her husband’s remains and delaying the funeral.

She reportedly went to court for support after the family allegedly failed to invite her to her husband’s final funeral rites. This hasn’t been a nice moment for her because as a wife, she has to be allowed to attend her own husband’s funeral.

Despite the court’s order, the funeral is taking place in a secure setting.

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By Aban

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