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Citadel stands as one of the preeminent full-service mortgage brokerages, operating extensively across multiple provinces. Distinguished by its commitment to a “client-first” approach, Citadel places the utmost priority on meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. This commitment extends across various domains, encompassing residential, commercial, and personal financing solutions.

At the heart of Citadel’s operational philosophy is a dedication to providing exceptional customer support. This commitment goes beyond traditional norms, as the company pledges round-the-clock assistance to ensure that clients receive the support they need at any time.

Whether navigating the complexities of residential mortgage options, delving into commercial financing endeavors, or addressing personal financial requirements, Citadel remains steadfast in its mission to offer comprehensive, client-centric services.

Through its extensive reach and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, Citadel has solidified its position as one of the largest and most trusted players in the mortgage brokerage landscape.Types of Mortgages

Citadel promises to deliver the most attractive Canadian mortgage rates for all kinds of financing needs, whether they’re residential, commercial, or personal.

Residential Finance

Transfer mortgages

Commercial Finance


Second Mortgages
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Private Mortgages

Moving on to the mortgage rates, the variable rates at Citadel come insured:

3 Year Variable Rate – high ratio insured 0.99%
5 Year Variable Rate – high ratio insured 0.95%

Fixed Mortgages

Fixed mortgage rates in Canada are always fixed higher than variable mortgages. Here are the rates on fixed mortgages that Citadel offers:

1 Year Fixed 1.74%
2 Year Fixed 1.44%
3 Year Fixed 1.39%
4 Year Fixed 1.49%
5 Year Fixed 1.54%
7 Year Fixed 2.14%
10 Year Fixed 2.49%
Line Of Credit (HELOC) 2.65%

The other mortgage types on offer are:
Refinance Insured (Up to 80% LTV)

Variable Rate 1.40%
5 Year Fixed 2.09%

Purchase Mortgages (Upto 80% LTV)

Variable Rate 1.25%
5 Year Fixed 2.05%

Citadel also brings you a hybrid mortgage at one of the lowest interest rates in Canada – 5 Year Special 5 in 1 at the rate of 1.79%

Citadel makes mortgages at these rates available with less than 20% down payment.
Key Features

Citadel Mortgages offers added perks and rewards to customers who avail of their services. They have many attractive offers running for a limited time that you can view in the “Special offers” menu. You may pick and choose between offers to suit your mortgage plan!

Let’s look at what they’re offering right now:
Air Miles Reward

With every mortgage deal you close with the company, you could be rewarded with up to 1,000 miles on Air Miles.


As soon as your mortgage is funded, you could win up to $2,500 as cashback.

Free Appraisal

If you choose a private mortgage with Citadel, you could receive a free appraisal offer.

15 cents off gas bills

On closing a mortgage with Citadel, you could receive up to 250 litres of gas, with 15 cents off.

Beat My Rate

Citadel has developed the Beat Your Rate Program to emphasize its commitment to bring you the best and most affordable mortgage rates in Canada.

Wondering what it’s all about?

This program is a compact 13-question long quiz where you input the details of a mortgage rate you might have found elsewhere. A group of agents at Citadel will then review your rate and let you know if it’s the lowest and best rate in the market.

If not, they can offer you one of Citadel’s rates that’s better than the one you’ve got.

Sounds like a win-win situation for buyers, doesn’t it?

Approval Process

Citadel boasts of a feature-rich website with a mortgage payment calculator, instant pre-qualification tool, request a call feature, find a local agent feature, and many more. Anybody who signs up at the website can get pre-qualified instantly. Citadel promises to review your credit score without affecting it.

After getting an estimate on how much you can afford, you can click on “Get Approved” and fill out your details. Alternatively, you can request a call from their agents to get approved. A decent credit score should get you in easily.

Repetitive automated calling


Citadel offer some of the best mortgage rates in 2021, be it purchase or refinance.

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, Citadel can be an excellent choice, thanks to the government-sponsored First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program (FTHBI). You can simply hand over your details, and they will take you step-by-step through the process.

First, you’ll get pre-qualified, then approved, and, finally, begin working with an agent to buy your home. The heavy lifting, as they say, will be done by the brokers. The added perks and rewards program goes a long way in cementing client relationships beyond just getting them the lowest mortgage rates.

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