What Are Some Top Companies That Provide House Contents Insurance In The USA?

In the United States, there are many sources for house contents insurance. Any insurance company that offers homeowners or rental insurance typically offers personal property coverage options. You can opt to obtain such coverage from a small local agency or a national insurance chain. Here are some top companies that provide house contents insurance throughout the country:

  • State Farm is a company specializing in many different types of insurance, including vehicle, home, and business policies. The company offers house contents insurance for various situations. For example, standard rental insurance is available for personal property protection. More in-depth personal articles policies are also provided.
  • Allstate offers insurance policy types ranging from life insurance to vehicle insurance. Its available home contents insurance coverage ranges from basic coverage to optional scheduled coverage. The latter is designed to insure jewelry and other expensive personal property.
  • Amica provides house contents insurance for homeowners and renters. It also offers policy coverage for special situations, such as condo living. Its available policies include specific extra policies to protect laptops and other electronic devices.
  • Progressive offers house contents insurance divided into specific categories, along with custom options. Insurance for mobile homes is available, in addition to condos and houses.
  • Nationwide insurance provides replacement coverage for various types of home contents, including large appliances. The company also offers many other types of insurance, including pet and travel insurance.
  • Home Contents Insurance - Abertay Housing Association

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