Obligatory Puppy Course, Young Adult Dog Course (Basic Course) for Zurich
Certified trainers with years of experience also as dog walker
Top trained trainer dogs show the exercises
Many practical trainings for relaxed dogs in everyday life
Dog school in Zurich & Kloten
Non-violent dog training / Positive Reinforcement
Founded in 2013
Book courses directly online
No full classes
Register online and get started directly
Different locations in and around Zurich & Kloten

Dog School | Dogs Trust

Puppy Course

Mandatory puppy course for the canton of Zurich
4x mandatory for large dog breeds
Up to an age of 16 weeks of life
Guided by our Puppy Experts & well socialized trainer dogs
Question round for your puppy topics
Socialize in a protected environment for positive experiences
First important basic commands, as well as leash walking, recall, letting objects out, relationship building, eye contact and orientation towards people.

Guidance for introducing a dog to your school - Dogs for Good

Young Adult Dog Course (Basic Course)

Mandatory young dog and basic course for the canton of Zurich
10x mandatory for large dog breeds
From the age of 16 weeks of life
Guided by our dog trainers & well-socialized trainer dogs
Important commands, learning to understand dog body language, learning conflict strategies of the dog, strengthening bond, building and strengthening recall, learning to walk on a leash, cope with everyday situations

Kearny Mesa Dog Training - Paw Commons

Advanced courses for utilization

Social walks
FunDog-Course for obedience, fun agility, clicker course, city training
Intensive courses to deepen basic knowledge (walking the leash, recall)
SUP courses in summer on Lake Zurich
Theory course online
Nose work
School Dogs, Therapy Dogs, NHB

Day Training School - Happy-Go-Lucky Dog Training
Dog Behaviorism Therapy

Home visits
Private lessons
Dog Behavior Counseling
Online consultation
Telephon consultancy
Intensive courses (3x private lesson) on topics such as walking on a leash and recall or leash aggression, as well as anxiety.

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