In the wake of controversies pertaining to her marriage, Nana Ama McBrown has shared reasons that informed her decision to settle down after the age of thirty-five (35).

The actress cum media personality said she wanted to gather enough experience and maturity to journey through marriage, and not end up like some ‘examples’ she witnessed while growing up.

According to McBrown, she had seen the divorce of about 80% of the women who got married while she was growing up, a situation from which she drew lessons.

“I planned to get married after 35 years because I had a lot of family friends that got married early but at age 30, they had divorced. 80 percent of the people who got married while I was growing up are divorced. Some have 2, or 3 kids while being separated from their partners and so on. If you asked the women what happened, you’d realize that they had wished they were not married,” she stated during an Instagram live.

She said there were other reasons such as gaining financial independence and settling on the right career path, among others.

“I’ve always wanted to have a career, earn some monthly salary, and structure my life on a good path before getting married. So, to those who are relying on men to take care of their every need after marriage, you will always find yourself crying. Also, after 35 years, I had my first house, and I had my career on the right path. Also at age 35, I don’t think I will find myself making mistakes that I will be crying and regretting,” she added.

McBrown also established that marriage is not a means to an end, adding that, what matters most is to seek God.

“Marriage is beautiful and all, it serves as the God-ordained means of procreation but we can’t take that to heaven. God said we should seek first the kingdom of God. So, we need to work on our salvation first before marriage,” she stated.

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