The famous Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio is finally out of the market as she ties the knot with the love of her life. Let’ s check out the man she got married to.

Kumawood actress Sandra Ababio celebrates a milestone by officially tying the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony held over the weekend. The event was graced by friends, family, and colleagues from the movie industry, all gathered to share in the happiness of the actress and her husband.

The wedding not only marked a union of hearts but also put an end to longstanding rumors surrounding Sandra Ababio’ s alleged romantic involvement with multi- award- winning actor Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin. For quite some time, speculations about a romantic relationship between Sandra Ababio and Lilwin had been making headlines. However, this joyous occasion has now clarified the situation and ended those rumors.

Amazingly, the man who was able to walk the actress down the else is Kumawood filmmaker Kwame Baffour. The actress Sandra Ababio had previously sparked massive reactions online months ago when she revealed that her new partner had proposed to her, igniting discussions about her impending marriage.

After experiencing a series of unsuccessful relationships that led to the birth of her daughter, Sandra is now embracing love once more and taking the plunge down the wedding aisle. In a heartwarming Instagram post, a man was seen on bended knee, gently sliding a beautiful ring onto Sandra Ababio’ s finger, symbolizing their commitment to a shared future.

During a recent interview with Delay, Sandra Ababio shared the challenging story of becoming a mother at the young age of 22. She recounted how she met a 50- year- old man who initially claimed to be divorced but later revealed his marital status, leaving Sandra as the sole caregiver for her baby daughter.

Sandra also opened up about the hardships she faced due to poverty during her upbringing. She vividly recalled how their room would leak on rainy days, and she, along with her parents, had to endure the rain until it stopped.

Overwhelmed by emotions, Sandra expressed her deep gratitude to Delay for her significant contributions to her career in the film industry. During her appearance on Delay’ s show, she spoke highly of Delay and Lil Win for their pivotal roles in shaping her professional journey. She credited their unwavering support and mentorship for her rise to prominence and regarded her meeting with Delay as a defining moment in her life.

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