Asantewaa I am barren

Popular yet controversial Ghanaian TikToker, Asantewaa, has taken to their YouTube channel to share a video of her making certain sad confirmation.

The popular influencer has been roasted a couple of times with speculations that suggest that she’s able to get pregnant much less give birth.

Asantewaa shared sorrowful tears as she addressed the issue in the video. According to her, it hurt her much to know that her fellow woman used barrenness to insult her without considering her mental state or health.

She went on to state emphatically that she is not God to produce a child of her own.

She was however hopeful that with God’s right time, she would give birth.

She added that people cannot decide for God— and some women cannot be blamed for not being able to have children.

Watch the video below;


Full video on my YouTube channel (Upclose with asantewaa)

♬ original sound – Asantewaaaaa


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