One of the celebrated business moguls and richest female celebrities in Ghana, Deloris Frimpong Manso, famed Delay has left tongues wagging after posting a short video in the company of a young man in her private home.

Captioning the post on Facebook, the beautiful presenter was seen dancing moves with the young man romantically, leaving her followers to wonder if the young man is her son, boyfriend, or just a family member.

But according to Delay, the young man is her dance teacher, however, followers are still digging deeper to know if he’ s indeed just a teacher.

Another point of attraction was her naturally endowed figure as she wore hot shorts and a top.

This is not the first time Delay has flaunted her shape and this time around social media influencer, Wesley Kesse had a feel of Delay’ s hourglass body being her dance teacher.

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Yes, the confidence behind flaunting your naturally endowed African asset is priceless and that’ s exactly what Ghanaian media personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso is feeling right now.

The TV and radio presenter sets eyeballs rolling from both males and females some weeks go as she hits the gym in her leggings to shed off some fat. Well, that was not the point of attraction, the host of the Delay Show was spotted in a video she posted on Facebook and Instagram dancing softly while her hourglass shape was shaking gently.

The business mogul is one of the few Ghanaian female celebrities who are naturally endowed but hardly expose it unlike those who acquired curvy shapes through artificial means.

She’ s always a delight to watch anytime she decides to show us a bit of her flesh and shape in skinny or short dresses. She compared herself to one of her brands, ‘ Delay Mackerel ‘ which has a popular tagline as’ nam paa dompe nim’ to wit better fish with no bones.

It’ s obvious in this case Delay’ s backside being compared to fluffy and delicious fish is not stiff like one that is acquired through plastic surgeries.

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