Cost of Living for a Student in Singapore

The cost of living for a student in Singapore can vary depending on factors such as accommodation choices, lifestyle preferences, and personal spending habits. Here’s a breakdown of typical expenses that students may incur:

  1. Accommodation: The largest expense for most students is accommodation. Rent for a shared room in a student hostel or apartment can range from SGD 400 to SGD 1,200 per month, while private rental options may cost more.
  2. Food: Singapore offers a wide range of dining options, from inexpensive hawker stalls to upscale restaurants. On average, students can expect to spend around SGD 300 to SGD 600 per month on groceries and dining out.
  3. Transportation: Public transportation in Singapore is efficient and affordable. Students may spend around SGD 80 to SGD 120 per month on transport fares using buses and trains.
  4. Utilities: Monthly utility bills for electricity, water, and internet may amount to around SGD 100 to SGD 200, depending on usage and accommodation type.
  5. Health insurance: International students are typically required to have medical insurance coverage during their studies. The cost of health insurance can vary but may range from SGD 500 to SGD 1,000 per year.
  6. Miscellaneous expenses: This category includes expenses for textbooks, academic supplies, personal care items, entertainment, and other miscellaneous items. Students should budget around SGD 200 to SGD 400 per month for these expenses.

Overall, the total cost of living for a student in Singapore can range from SGD 1,500 to SGD 2,500 per month, depending on individual circumstances and lifestyle choices. It’s essential for students to create a budget and manage their finances wisely to ensure that they can comfortably afford their living expenses while studying in Singapore.

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