What Does a Real Estate Agent Do in US 2024?

As a prospective home buyer, you might think it’s simple enough to search for homes online, but a good real estate agent can manage the search for you by: staying on top of new listings, scheduling viewings and communicating with the agent representing the seller.

Agents also have access to more home listings than are readily available to the public. When it comes time to buy, a real estate agent can help a buyer navigate the purchase contract, which is critical to how much you will pay for the home over the life of a mortgage loan.

As a home seller, homeowners may be tempted to try to sell on their own, particularly in a hot housing market. But there are still plenty of time-consuming steps, and costs, required to sell a home that an experienced real estate agent manages all the time.

A good seller’s agent will know how to stage and market a home for sale, and which repairs might be necessary and which can be skipped. It’s also important to note that sellers are usually responsible for paying the buyer’s agent, so even if you pass up the chance to have representation of your own you’ll still pay some commission.How To Find A Real Estate Agent – Forbes Advisor

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