Vivian Jill, a Kumawood actress, has at last explained why she declined to kiss Susum Ahuofe in a movie part.

Vivian Jill claimed in a recent interview that she was still fresh to the movie business and had never encountered someone of his kind.

She claimed that when she first saw him around those who resembled him (dwarfism), she was terrified. As a result, when requested to kiss him in a scene from a movie, she declined.

She was quick to add, though, that she would kiss him now if requested to do so without thinking twice.

Although they thought it amusing, internet users can see why she was making all of those assertions. Some claim that if they are requested to do so, they will reject it as well and won’ t consider the payment they will receive in exchange.

They are aware of the problem because they think that there are so many events in movie scenes that we, as viewers, are even unaware of.

With a net worth of almost $450, 000, Vivian Jill is one of the wealthiest actresses in Ghana and a philanthropist as well.

She is currently regarded as one of the most gifted and recognized actresses in Kumawood. She has worked in the film industry for a long time and has pleasantly delighted all of her fans.

Clinton Prempeh and Alfie Nana Amponsah Okobeng, two of her lovely boys, are born to her. The boy’ s father was not present for the entire christening of Alfie. This aroused speculation about the paternity and the potential date of Vivian Jill’ s marriage.

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