Two persons are in the custody of the Trede Police in the Ashanti Region for allegedly stealing two pigs belonging to a pastor.

According to a report by Angel FM, the incident occurred on Friday, September 1, 2023.

According to the pastor, he discovered two of his pigs had been stolen and was later informed that some individuals had killed a pig in an uncompleted building.

“On Sunday morning, we found out that two of the pigs and gone missing. We mounted a search for them to no avail. Through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we searched all over the place for the pigs.

“I went to an information centre in my area to announce it. Later in the day some people came to inform me that some individuals had killed a pig and were sharing the meat. We went with the police and saw six people sharing the meat in an uncompleted building,” he said.

According to the pastor, the families of the suspects have approached him for an amicable solution to the issue. He estimates the value of each pig at GHC6,000. However, his wife maintained that the pigs be valued at GHC10,000.

“The animals eat a lot. Per my calculation, all the pigs consume food worth about GHC8,000 every two months. It’s very painful because even our children in school, we don’t spend that much money on them.

“So if someone decides to steal some of them, they ought to be fined… Even if he (the husband) is willing to let go I will insist and get paid,” she said.

According to Angel FM’s regional correspondent, the whereabouts of the other pig is unknown. However, police on the day of the arrest of the suspects were compelled to give out the meat to residents of Trede due to the unavailability of storage facility at the Trede Police Station.

The suspects were arrested in an uncompleted building having killed one of the pigs

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