The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) recent Super Delegates Conference has yielded surprising results, with some Presidential aspirants receiving zero votes across all 16 regions. Despite these Presidential Aspirants having agents in the various regions, it’s surprising that even their own agents who are delegates did not vote for them.

One of the most notable figures to record a complete absence of votes across all 16 regions is Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku. This outcome highlights the challenges he faced in garnering support from the party’s delegates, despite his previous involvement and reputation within the NPP.

Another prominent aspirant, Hon. Joe Ghartey, faced a similar setback, recording zero votes in 13 regions. The only votes he received were a total of 3, originating from the Western Region, Western North Region, and Central Region. This result indicates that while he managed to secure some level of backing in select areas, he struggled to make a significant impact nationwide.

Similarly, Mr Kwadwo Opoku’s campaign efforts failed to gain traction, resulting in zero votes in 13 regions. This includes regions such as Ashanti, Upper East, Upper West, and Volta. The lack of support across such diverse regions underscores the challenges he encountered in winning over a broad cross-section of party members.

The situation was no different for Mr Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, who also secured zero votes in 13 regions. However, his total of 6 votes included 3 votes from the party’s headquarters, 1 from the Ahafo region, and 1 vote from the Greater Accra region. While these minimal votes indicate some level of internal backing, they fall far short of making a substantial impact.

The NPP’s Super Delegates Conference has showcased the stark disparities in support among the various Presidential aspirants. While some candidates are able to garner votes from specific regions, others have struggled to resonate with the party’s delegates on a broader scale.

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