National Chief Imam Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu Finally Breaks Silence On LGBTQ+ Saga In Ghana

LGBTQ+ Saga In Ghana

One of the main points made by the 18 human rights defenders against the anti-LGBTQ + bill before Parliament is that Ghana is a secular state and it was concerning that religion was largely used as the basis for initiating legislation that violates the rights of minorities.

But the office of Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Chief Imam, has asserted that Ghana’s secular nature must be seen in context.

In a press release issued on October 13, 2021; the office of the National Chief Imam, speaking on behalf of a coalition of Muslim groups, addressed a number of issues to clarify why the LGBTQ + orientation was unacceptable in the religion and within the cultural framework of Ghana.

In specific reference to the issue of the secular nature of Ghana in relation to the use of religion to activate legislation, the statement read: “… there has been the claim that Ghana is a secular country and therefore religious views/beliefs should not be imposed on Ghanaians.

“To consider secularism synonymous with Godlessness is conceptually incorrect. Secularism is the practice in governance where no one religion is made dominant to the exclusion of others.”

He went on to explain the extent to which religion penetrates national life. “Contrary to being considered Godless, Ghana is a secular state with a deep sense of God.

“Our sense of God is expressed succinctly in a number of our national symbols i.e. the national anthem, the national pledge, oath of office, and introduction to the constitution of Ghana,” it added.

The statement celebrated the 8 MPs who initiated the Private Members Bill for their “courage, high sense of moral decency and commitment to the protection of the family and family values,” which bull it added, “has inspired public uproar against the proponents of LGBTQA+.

“We also commend the leadership of the Christian community for strongly coming out against the proponents of LGBTQA+. So do we want to applaud the Right Honorable Speaker of parliament and his predecessor for speaking out against the practice,” the statement added.

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