National Executives of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), has taken the decision to refer Presidential Aspirant Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to the party’s disciplinary committee. This bold move comes in the wake of a controversial video that has gone viral across social and mainstream media platforms, in which Agyapong is seen making disparaging remarks about the sitting President during the party’s internal presidential elections.

NPP’s decision was revealed through an official statement issued from the party’s headquarters and was signed by General Secretary Mr Frimpong Kodua. The statement expressed the party’s concern over Agyapong’s conduct and remarks, labelling them as both accusatory and threatening towards certain key personalities. The party’s spokesperson further stated that Hon. Agyapong would be summoned before the disciplinary committee to clarify his position, provide responses, and furnish further details regarding the accusations and threats he made in the video.

The contentious video captures Assin Central MP Kennedy Agyapong vowing to stage a confrontational act against President Akufo-Addo and his vice, Dr Bawumia. Allegedly, this outburst was triggered by an incident where Agyapong’s polling agent was reportedly manhandled.

This bold decision by the NPP to take disciplinary action against one of its own prominent members sends a strong message about the party’s commitment to maintaining decorum and unity, even in the midst of internal contests. It highlights the party’s intolerance for disrespectful behaviour and its dedication to upholding the reputation of its leadership.

As the nation watches closely, the outcome of this disciplinary action will likely set a precedent for how the NPP handles internal conflicts and maintains party discipline. This incident also serves as a reminder of the broader challenges that political parties face in managing the conduct of their members during periods of intense competition.

By Aban

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