How To Get a Mortgage in US 2024

Before you even look at applications, you should start the mortgage process by following these steps:

Check your credit:

Make sure there are no errors in your credit report and that everything is up to date. It might be a good idea to spend some time improving your credit.

Pay down debt:

You may also want to take some time to pay down existing debts, since mortgage lenders take into consideration how much debt you already have relative to your income.

Prepare the paperwork:

To apply, you’ll likely need your W-2s, tax returns, recent pay stubs and statements from accounts showing your assets and liabilities. Most lenders will ask for additional information, as well.

Find a lender:

When you’re ready, shop around for the best mortgage lender. You can start with lists like the one above. Consider getting one or more mortgage preapprovals to help make you a stronger buyer when you’re ready to start house-hunting.

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