Ghanaian woman gives birth in a plane on her way to USA

The woman cuddles her baby after the birth on the plane It was supposed to be a regular flight for a pregnant woman and other passengers aboard a United Flight UA 977 and headed for Washington but things took a quick, beautiful turn.

According to a video shared by Ms. Nancy on Facebook, the woman, due for late February, had to quickly be attended to when she called for help.

Thankfully, a certain Dr. Ansah-Addo, a Ghanaian practicing in the United States of America, was on board and quickly came to the rescue, helping deliver the baby boy.

“Onboard @united Flight UA 977 today, a lovely baby boy was born. The baby Who was due in late February decided to arrive 34,000 f above sea level.

“Dr. Ansah-Addo a Ghanaian practicing in the USA made himself available when the pilot called for the assistance of medical personnel on board,” she captioned her video.

Ms. Nancy added that the baby was born 2 hours before the plane landed and they were met on arrival by paramedics in Washington.

“With assistance from the whole United crew, a bouncy baby boy was delivered 2hours to landing. The flight was met on arrival by paramedics upon landing at the Washington Dulles international airport.”

“The baby and his mother GG are currently under medical care,” she wrote.


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