Fully Funded Government Scholarships in Malta For International Students 2024

International students can seek scholarships from the Maltese government via the Ministry of Education as well as private organizations. Malta’s educational system is increasingly appealing to students worldwide seeking affordable educational opportunities. English serves as the primary language in Malta due to its historical ties to the British Empire, fostering a conducive environment for international students.

Higher education completion at the university level holds significant esteem in Malta, with tuition fees, accommodations, and living expenses comparatively lower than in many other countries. Malta’s universities annually welcome numerous international students, providing them with top-quality education across various disciplines.

Here is detailed information on the Malta Government Scholarships for the Academic Year 2024

  1. University of Malta Scholarships: Scholarships are available for both the Master by Research program and the PhD program at the University of Malta, with full fee waivers for students demonstrating financial need. The University of Malta, the country’s oldest and newest academic institution, offers a rich and diverse curriculum.
  2. Malta Art Scholarship Scheme: The Maltese Government offers scholarships for Postgraduate Qualifications, Joint Degrees, Second Degrees, Undergraduate Diplomas, or First Degrees, with tuition fees of up to €20,000, depending on the qualification.
  3. Endeavor Scholarship Scheme: The Maltese Government provides the Endeavor scholarship, open to students in various fields such as education, finance, health, humanities, and arts.
  4. Maltalingua Scholarship Program: A four-week English study scholarship in Malta is available through the Maltalingua English Institute, covering standardized English classes, IELTS preparation, course materials, housing, and airport shuttle service upon departure.
  5. Malta Sports Scholarship Scheme: Elite athletes, coaches, sports administrators, and academic programs focused on sports can apply, covering areas like Sports Administration, Sports Psychology, Sports Coaching, Sports Science, Sports Medicine, Sports Law, and Physical Education.
  6. Middlesex University Scholarship in Malta: This scholarship covers a portion of tuition costs for Middlesex University alumni with first- or second-class honors degrees.
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