Big Akwes shares videos of Baba Spirit’s dead body

Big Akwes shares videos of Baba Spirit’s dead body

A week after Baba Spirit was reported dead, Wayoosi has come out to blast Kumawood actors Big Akwes and Quappiah, for circulating videos of the late, Baba Spirit’s body on the internet.

Wayoosi in an interview with blogger, Poleeno, labeled Quappiah as ‘a fool’ while adding that he did wrong for taking videos of Baba’s lifeless body right after he passed.

“I am angry with Quappiah. Why will you take videos of Baba Spirit’s dead body and put them on social media?

“When the family took the video, they said don’t make this come out in the public. Why do we always have to put the dead bodies of our people out?” he probed.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the comedian’s actions, Wayoosi also descended on Big Akwes for tackling Baba Spirit’s family over his funeral arrangements.

“I really like Quappiah but he didn’t use his sense. He is a total fool. He doesn’t have sense. Baba Spirit is from a family.

“If the family called him or not, he is from a family. And look at Big Akwes with the bald head fighting with Baba Spirit’s family over funeral arrangements,” he said.

On Monday, September 12, 2022, Big Akwes, got into an argument with the late comedian’s family over his funeral arrangements.

According to the family, they will be burying their kinsman in the Northern part of Ghana, where he is from.

However, in a video shared by YouTuber, Poleeno, Big Akwes was captured using abusive words to communicate his point.

According to him, commuting from the south to the north will make it difficult for the late comedian’s friends and loved ones who supported his craft.

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