Average Cost of Health Insurance for Young Adults

Younger people typically pay less for health insurance through the ACA marketplace. Group health insurance doesn’t use age as a factor when setting rates, but insurers in the ACA marketplace use age as one of the metrics.

Who’s covered Bronze plan Silver plan Gold plan
21-year-old, individual coverage $313 $410 $450
21-year-old, individual with one child $549 $720 $791
21-year-old, couple coverage $625 $819 $900
21-year-old, couple coverage with one child $862 $1,130 $1,241
27-year-old , individual coverage $330 $433 $476

Maintaining good health and securing financial stability are essential aspects of life, and health insurance plays a crucial role in achieving these goals across all age groups. While it’s true that individuals in their 20s may not require as much healthcare as those in their 50s or 60s, having health insurance remains significant for various reasons.

One key advantage for young adults is the option to stay on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26. This provision, established by the Affordable Care Act, recognizes the transitional phase young adults go through as they enter the workforce and gain financial independence. During this period, having access to health insurance through their parents’ plan can be a valuable safety net.

The decision to stay on a parents’ plan or acquire an individual health insurance plan depends on several factors. Firstly, the availability of health insurance options must be considered. Some young adults may have access to affordable and comprehensive coverage through their parents’ employer-sponsored plans. Assessing the coverage provided by these plans and comparing it with individual plans is crucial in making an informed decision.

Cost is another crucial factor. While staying on a parents’ plan may provide financial relief for young adults, it’s essential to evaluate whether the benefits offered align with individual healthcare needs. Sometimes, acquiring an individual plan may be more cost-effective, especially if the employer does not subsidize dependent coverage.

In summary, health insurance is a vital asset for young adults, providing both health security and financial stability. Careful consideration of available options, coverage benefits, and associated costs is essential in making the right decision for one’s unique healthcare needs and financial circumstances.

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