Ghanaian actress, media personality, and comedienne, Afia Schwarzenegger has been on the news for the better part of this year. The funny thing is, most of the time she trends, it is always for negative reasons and she does not care about that as long as she makes it to the trend list or table.

Cashing out on social media has made a lot of celebrities walk the negative path just for some coins on their different social media platforms. Afia Schwarzenegger is definitely one of them because she picks fights with one person or the other. These things generate massive traffic for her and when she goes live, people gift her money as well.

This week alone she has been trending back to back because of her fight with Tornado. Also because of her new man whom she has been flaunting, first, she shared a video of them after having sèx. Afia was licking his fingers while speaking about their sèx escapades.

Some days ago, a video of her surfaced online twerking for white men openly without care.

She posted the video on her page to mock those saying she is working as a live-in caregiver for the elderly in the US (check my channel for the story and video). Today again, Afia shared a video of herself displaying her backside. The clip is trending, this time, she was bragging about finding the perfect man.

She used a TikTok voiceover to drive home her point saying when you find the right man, you don’t need to force things like getting lovely SMS from them or calls, etc. In her caption, the comedienne said when you find the right person, life becomes better, and she prays for her followers to find one like she did. See her caption here:

” @queenafiaschwarzenegger: when you meet the right person. Gosh, life becomes better I pray you find one in Jesus’ Name. ”

This got a lot of people pissed, especially how she has been steadily talking about her new mystery man nonstop these days. According to some of them, she needs to stop flaunting her men online because it doesn’t normally end well judging by her relationship history.

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