The past week has been a very dramatic one in the Ghana entertainment industry, from one celebrity beef to another. Other things that have been causing buzz is celebrity gossip and controversies which some of them intentionally perpetrate just for clout. Others simply want to trend to boost their social media platforms so they can cash out.

Ghanaian actress, media personality, and mental health advocate Abena Korkor has been trending back to back the past few days. She is known for always going nude and twerking provocatively online. For a while, Abena Korkor went off social media and Netizens believed she had gone to get mental health treatment.

But sadly, upon her return, Abena became more bad, she has gone back to twerking, making provocative videos, and mentioning names of men she had allegedly slept with in the past. Some days back, she went nvde and posted the video on her Instagram page. Abena also released a new list of the men she had slept with again. This went viral, and Ghanaians online had a field day insulting and dragging her.

Today, she shared another video, Instead of a twerking or provocative video, it is a clip of Abena Korkor in a church leading in praise and worship. She looked visibly happy while performing and dancing in the midst of the congregation. This got Netizens talking. Especially those who are used to her bad videos.

By Aban

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